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Welcome to Venture Captain, home of the free online character generator for the Pathfinder RPG. Right now the PFRPG character generator is in development but and open beta testing. VC does plan to support most of the official Pathfinder RPG content, but many featiures have yet to be implemented. So if you're looking for specific content, please check back often or follow Venture Captain on Twitter and Facebook for update announcements and news.

Venture Captain is also working on various tools beyond the Pathfinder RPG character generator. A Golarion Timeline tool is also being developed and the early stages are available for preview. Look for an interactive map of Golarion in the near future as well. Venture Captain will continue to add useful tools as need arises.

Golden Pawn Nomination

Golden Pawn Nominee

Venture Captain is proud to announce that the Pathfinder RPG character generator was nominated for a Gamin Genius Award ("Golden Pawn") for Best Non-Company Website. Visit the Gaming Genius Awards website to check out our fellow nominees.

From the Gaming Genius Awards website:

The International Gamers Guild (IGG) in conjunction with its parent organization The Gamers Guild is pleased to announce the Gaming Genius Awards (GGAs, also called The Golden Pawns). These awards have been under development for the past 2 years and 2011 marks its first annual event. The Gaming Genius Awards are an innovation in the hobby game industry by covering every aspect of the industry, including independent products and fan achievements.

The Gaming Genius Awards recognize genius in every aspect of the hobby game industry, in a way that reflects expert opinion and not market consensus. The best-known awards in the hobby game industry awards currently are popularity contests whose results are frequently leveraged by manufacturers who are best able to mobilize the vote. Other awards are recognized in the industry as established institutions. The Gaming Genius Awards, although new, are intended to be in line with how awards outside the hobby game industry are given out and thus, representing the industry as a whole.

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